Ways To Lower Your AC Costs This Summer & How To Choose The Best HVAC System

Summer is a beautiful season full of blue skies, sunshine, and fun events like weddings and BBQs. 

But even those who love the summer season may feel like they are overheating, and be unsure how to effectively and economically cool down their home.

Feeling hot and sweaty in your own home is never a pleasant feeling. You need to be able to come home to a nice cool environment after a long day and enjoy yourself!

TFF HVAC knows how essential it is to your comfort and happiness to be able to cool your home down on those blazing hot summer days without breaking the bank. 

Today we will offer you some of our best tips and tricks on how to stay cool on a budget this summer.

Choose The Right HVAC System

Choosing the best HVAC system is key to keeping your home cool in a cost effective manner this summer. If you’re unsure where to start, your air conditioning contractor will be able to point you in the right direction. 

Angie’s List says,

“Did you know that there are more than two types of system setups and many different cooling system types that you can choose from? 

There are air conditioners, air-source heat pumps, and geothermal heat pumps.

Air-source heat pumps and air conditioners also come in the split and packaged varieties. 

If you are looking for a unit that only cools (with electricity) – a packaged or split air conditioner is right for you. If you want a cooling system that heats with electricity, as well (good for seasonal transitions), then a packaged or split air-source or geothermal heat pump may be right for you.

In terms of packaged or split – look into what you already have. Reconfiguring ductwork or trying to make a system that is not designed for use in your home is more hassle than it’s worth. There is a wide range of both types – your options won’t be limited if you choose one over the other.”

There is a lot to think about when choosing the best HVAC system. 

Factors such as costs, efficiency, and size are all important to consider when making your choice. Be sure to do your research and if you are still uncertain contact a professional air conditioning contractor.

Seal Your Windows

Even if your current HVAC system works well, you will not be able to experience it’s full power if you have leaky windows. 

Your system will have to work harder to keep the home cool until you seal up your windows. 

And when your system works harder the monthly bill goes up.

Sealing your windows may sound like a challenge, but you can follow this simple tutorial to make sure your home is airtight.

Grill Outside

Everyone loves a good BBQ! Well, it just so happens that by grilling outside on the really hot days you will be keeping your home much cooler. 

Grilling is not only fun, but it can help keep your electricity bill down by giving your HVAC system a break from your hot oven.

So on the next hot day do yourself a favor: grill up some steaks for the family!

Use Fans

Fans take some of the burdens off of your air conditioner by circulating cool air through your home. 

Whether you use ceiling fans or rotating fans they are a sure way to help cool down your home.

Replace Your HVAC Filters

If you already have an HVAC system that worked great the last few summers, but this year it doesn’t seem to be working as well there may be a simple solution – your filters likely need to be changed. 

Once you replace your filters, your system should be running as good as new. It is important to change your filters routinely to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. 

Fresh filters also decrease your risk of damaging the system, or even potential fires.

Open Up Your Windows

Early in the morning and in the evening when the air outside is no longer hot, you can open up some windows on opposite sides of the house. This will give your home some nice cross ventilation. 

Not only will you get some fresh air circulating, but it may also help keep the cost of running your HVAC down by allowing nature to take a turn cooling your home.

Service Your HVAC System 

One way to ultimately save a lot of headaches and money is to have your HVAC system serviced each year.

Your air conditioning contractor will check your system and make sure everything is working properly. 

They can also fix any minor issues before they become big and expensive problems.

This yearly servicing will help keep your system running efficiently, saving you money on your electricity bill.

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